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Hospaccx Healthcare Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai based Hospital Consultancy. We offer an array of services for various Healthcare setups ranging from a Nursing Home to a Multi-Specialty and Super-Specialty set-up as well as Diagnostic centres. We are known for offering quality and timely services and our commitment towards our work. Planning a new hospital or expanding an already established one, we address all your requirements in a professional manner with clear protocols defined for every service. There are various reasons why you can choose Hospaccx Healthcare Business Consulting over others:

  • Thrive on continuous improvement in patient experience
  • Improvement in efficiency and safety by adopting a lean planning mechanism
  • Creating a sustainable healthcare delivery model
  • Value-based purchasing model rather than fee for service model
  • Bridging the gap between cost and quality
  • Reduction in the cost of operations through efficient building structure
  • Analysis of ROI through historical trends and future expectation
  • Team of hand-picked experts and facility planners, architects, supporting staff
  • Years of unmatched experience


Hospital Planning and Design

“We don’t design to serve a client we design better health care infrastructure”

Hospital Management Consulting

“Different problems, different solutions”

Operations and Marketing

“Building hospital is easy – running it profitably makes difference”

Financial Management

“Building a hospital and running it is not the end of health care business, running it profitable on balance sheet is important”

Turn-Key Architecture Design

“We help you set all the nuts and bolts of architecture”

Human Resource Management

“Right Resource at right time will ensure maximum profit”

Project Management Consultancy

“We help you in building up the hospital on time in budget with deadlines”


““It’s not the machine, it’s the man behind the machine and we help you to train them””

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