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Social Media Marketing for Healthcare.

Social media marketing (SMM) for healthcare is a form of Internet marketing that utilizes various social media websites like Facebook,linked in etc as a marketing tool. The goal of SMM is to produce content that healthcare service provider will share with their social network to help a healthcare facility to increase brand exposure and broaden patient reach.

In recent years, there has been a fundamental shift in the way healthcare marketers reach target audience which is not restricted to patients only . Many of today’s consumers demand a more personalised approach. That’s where inbound marketing, or demand generation, comes in.

Basic Steps for your  Social media marketing plan for your healthcare set up : 

  1. Set the objective of the social media Plan
  2. Identify your target Audience – demographically , behavior wise etc.
  3. Prepare a detail services /product list offered by your healthcare institute .
  4. Register your self with 7 dominating Social Media websites in the world like : Twitter, Google+,Facebook , Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slide share, YouTube
  5. Create a business page for your healthcare business
  6. Now your ready for brand building for your healthcare organisation
  7. You can go for uploading various services offered by your institute , promote camps ,patient testimonials , difficult medical procedures etc on various social media and you can promote its free or also as a paid ad words .

Conclusion : 

Social Media Marketing is really Relationship Marketing. though which you can committed to building meaningful, long-term relationships. Not just with your clients and your audience, but also with our own friends, fans and followers.”

SMM is not about numbers— it’s about people. Numbers are a consequence of a warm approach to marketing that puts the user (a person!) first.


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