If you planning to build or restructure or venture in any hospital projects below are the licenses which need to be procured:-

Licenses, Permits and Registrations Act / Rules / Regulations / Codes Agency / Authority
Trade licenses for Hospital and pharmacy Concerned Municipality Act. Municipal authorities.
License / Registration for establishing Hospital. Clinical Establishment Act or Shops and Establishments Act. (Wherever applicable). Directorate of Health services
Drug license for pharmacy and medical store in Hospital. Drugs and cosmetic Act 1940 and rules 1945. Drug controller of concerned state / India.
License for running blood bank / BTS. Drugs and cosmetic Act 1940 and rules 1945. Drug controller of concerned state / India.
Permit for use of rectified spirit and absolute alcohol Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances Act and rules 1985 and Manufactured drug rules 1960. Excise department.
Permit for use of Inj.Morphine, pethidine and Other such drugs. Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances Act and rules 1985 and Manufactured drug rules 1960. Excise department.
License for storage and use of acids, acetone, others hazardous chemicals etc. Manufacture, storage & import of hazardous chemical Rules 1989. Municipal authorities
License for running dietary services, kitchen, cafeteria, etc. Food Adulteration Act & rules. Municipal authorities
Registration for handling and management of Biomedical waste (including sewage treatment plan) Biomedical waste (management and handling rules) 1998 Concerned pollution control board/committee.
Registration for plying of vehicles and ambulances. Motors vehicle act, 1939. Transport department, Municipal authority.
Registration of Hospital for obstetrics and gynecology facility (including MTP services) Medical termination of pregnancy Act, 1971 Health department of state / central Government
License for use of lifts(Elevators) Concerned Building Bye laws and lift rules. Electrical department, Municipal authority
License for installation of Liquid oxygen tanks, cylinders and manifold services. Indian Explosives Act 1884 and rules. Chief Controller of Explosives.
Permit for Setting up radio – diagnosis, radio therapy or Nuclear medicine services. Atomic energy Act 1962, rules, and Safety codes. Atomic Energy Regulation Board (AERB), Bhabha Atomic Research Center, (BARC).
Registration for use of ultrasound / echocardiography. The prenatal diagnostics Techniques (Regulation Act 1994. Concerned state / Health Directorate/center.
Clearance for land use and approval of building plans. Planning Act/ Development Act/Municipal Act for applicable statutes) Clearance may be Required from respective Urban Arts Commission).
Clearance (NOC) from fire department (for Buildings more then15m high) in two stages; planning clearance and building permit clearance. Fire safety guidelines according to national building code of India 2005 Chief fire officer, Municipal Authority.
Permit to install and use diesel generators for backup power. The Air (Prevention and control of Pollution) Act 1981, amended 1987; and Environment (protection)Amendment Rules, 2003. Pollution control board of state / center.
Rain water harvesting. Master plan / Zonal plan / Building Byelaws of Concerned city / town (mandatory in some areas e.g.. Delhi.) Municipal authorities.
Specific clearance from civil aviation if building is the approach Zone of aircraft / near airport National Building code of India, 2005)
Environmental clearance As per mater plan or Zonal plan of the city. Ministry of Environment.
Specific Clearance from coastal Regulation Zone Authority, Heritage committee / ASI in applicable areas. Building byelaws in consonance with National Building Code of India, 2005 Concerned authorities as per requirement.



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