Hospitals are massive edifices which are built to last. The hospital drawing review expert should plan the construction that is not only feasible in the current scenario but should also fulfill future requirements. Performing a drawing review on a regular basis is essential, it saves time and cost and helps you overcome many issues that might appear later when the actual construction takes place. It helps to maneuver the hospital planning and make amendments which are necessary.
At Hospaccx hospital consultancy, our team of talented architects and experienced clinical planners are equipped to understand what goes into the designing and drawing of a hospital. They are experts in critically examining various drawing reviews and give suggestions to improve design efficiency.

We leave no stone unturned to make sure that all drawing reviews are as per design standards, and meet the benchmarks.

The Drawing Review Process is a mechanism for ensuring the design follows various aspects like:
1. Building by-laws
2. Fire Norms
3. Patient Safety
4. A.E.R.B Norms
5. FDI norms for pharmacy
6. PNTD norms for USG
7. N A B H guidelines or any other hospital accreditation which the owner is willing to obtain
8. Engineering design brief
9. Room data sheets
10. Equipment schedule