A critical factor in hospital planning, equipment planning plays a vital role in hospital management and planning. A hospital just cannot run without the necessary equipment. Although the range and diversity of equipment required are enormous, it can be a simple hospital bed to the complex MRI machine, but every equipment has its importance. This equipment usually adds up to 50 to 60% of the total cost of the project.

Equipment planning involves planning what is required over a period in different departments, selecting the right vendors, both domestic and international and sourcing from vendors and furniture suppliers.

Why Hospaccx:

  • We have sound knowledge of equipment required in all types of healthcare facilities, from a small clinic or nursery to complicated multi and super specialty hospitals.
  • We plan to keep the future equipment requirement in mind
  • We have the technical expertise to understand the equipment required in critical care units or OTs and our team knows a lot of cost-effective options to source equipment
  • Hi-tech equipment encompasses specific civil design and power supply criteria, we at Hospaccx Healthcare consultancy possess a tight-grip on all details required and execute equipment planning in a planned manner.
    We take care of the budgetary requirement for equipment and give a detailed budget to the client beforehand.
    We have tie-ups with well-known vendors who supply best quality equipment that matches with the international standards at negotiated rates.

What we do:

Based on the Projects requirements & client’s needs, we in Consultation with our Biomedical Engineers, prepare a detailed Equipment list department wise & Floor wise.
We prepare the detailed Equipment list after Load calculation of every Equipment (Floor- wise/Department wise). Once the list is ready, we use the same for Quote comparison from various Manufacturers & vendors.
Sourcing, supply, installation

Services We Offer under Medical equipment planning are as follows :
• Medical Equipment Planning

• Medical Equipment Budgeting with Need Assessment

• Planning of Pre-installation Services

• Delivery Coordination

• Equipment Installation Supervision

• Inventory Audit

• Infrastructure Adequacy Check

• Integration of Medical equipment with IT/PACS

• Procurement Management