A critical factor in hospital planning is medical equipment planning for hospitals that plays a vital role in hospital management and planning. A hospital just cannot run without the necessary equipment. Although the range and diversity of equipment required are huge, it can be a simple hospital bed to the complex MRI machine, but every equipment has its own importance. These equipment usually add up to 50 to 60% of the total cost of the project.

Medical Equipment planning for hospital involves planning what is required for a period of time in different departments, selecting the right vendors, both domestic and international and sourcing from vendors and furniture suppliers.

Why Hospaccx:

We have sound knowledge equipment required in all types of healthcare facilities, from a small clinic or nursery to complex multi and super speciality hospitals.

We plan keeping the future equipment requirement in mind

We have the technical expertise to understand the equipment required in critical care units or OTs and our team knows a lot of cost-effective options to source equipments

Hi-tech equipment encompasses specific civil design and power supply criteria, we at Hospaxxc Healthcare consultancy possess a tight-grip on all details required and execute equipment planning in a planned manner.

We take care of the budgetary requirement for equipment and give a detailed budget to the client beforehand.

We have tie-ups with well-known vendors who supply best quality equipments that matches with the international standards at negotiated rates.

What we do:

Based on the Projects requirements & client’s needs, we in consultation with our Bio- medical Engineers, prepare a detailed Equipment list department wise & Floor wise.

This detailed Equipment list is prepared after Load calculation of every Equipment (Floor- wise/Department wise) which will then be used for Quote comparison from various Manufacturers & vendors.

We first source or procure the right equipment then supply it to the hospital. Once it reaches the right place, we implement installation of equipment.

Services we offer under Medical equipment planning are as follows :

  • Medical Equipment Planning
  • Medical Equipment Budgeting with Need Assessment
  • Planning of Pre-installation Services
  • Delivery Coordination
  • Equipment Installation Supervision
  • Inventory Audit
  • Infrastructure Adequacy Check
  • Integration of Medical equipment  with IT/PACS
  • Procurement Management