Investor funding or fund raising for hospitals from various sources is one of the most crucial and vital tasks for any hospital. It is difficult to imagine a hospital without the adequate resources.

Funds can be raised from various sources, however, before applying for funding or pitching investors for the same, a sound market feasibility study and financial feasibility report is required. When the investors study the report, they gain more clarity about the vision of the promoter, his plans, hospital design and planning and fund availability with the sponsor.

Why Hospaccx:

Hospaccx Hospital consultancy enables you to raise funds for your dream hospital project from multiple and safe sources. We help you by preparing hospital market and financial feasibility report. The Hospaccx detailed project report will help you to understand the CAPEX AND OPEX required for the upcoming hospital.This specific project or pre-feasibility report will help you to raise a loan from the bank or the respective investors.

Post the complete viability report formation of your healthcare venture; we search for sources from where you can expect safe and timely funds availability, that includes sourcing from reputed banks, NBFCs or private investors. We have long-term relationships with all the major banks, NBFCs and investors and recommend the best option for you.