Hospitals are run and managed in the same manner as other businesses. However, as it involves life, it is more critical, and a tiny mistake or discrepancy can result in life-threatening consequences. It requires a professional approach, domain-expertise and knowledge, relevant experience and a team of talented professionals from the same industry.
At Hospaccx, we offer a comprehensive and consolidated Hospital Management Consultancy service. We are confident about our consultancy services because of our years of experience, hundreds of projects that we have accomplished, our domain expertise, a talented and qualified team of healthcare practitioners and consultants, etc. We take pride in saying that we are a leading and a reliable company in the field of Hospital Management.

Consultancy and we offer the following services under it:
• Market and financial feasibility
• Hospital Accreditation
• Operations and Management
• Equipment Planning
• Hospital Inventory Management
• Hospital Info system consultancy

Under hospital management Consultancy, we offer the following services:

Hospital Market and Financial Feasibility.

  • Also known as “Hospital Viability Report” likewise “Detailed Project Report for Upcoming Hospital”. Under this report, we cover Market as well as financial feasibility.

    Accreditation of Hospitals- NABH ,NABL,JCI.

    Now a days Accreditation of hospitals is in fashion and identically, this is the first and foremost requirement of every updated hospital. Maximum hospitals are going for accreditation and Hospaccx helps them with this.

    Hospital Operations and Management.

    Hospaccx helps in operations and Marketing of existing hospitals. Under this service, Hospaccx helps you in the optimisation of profit centres and reduction of cost centres.

    Medical Equipment Planning.

    Right equipment at the right place is equally important to increase the profitability and efficiency of the hospital. we help you to select right equipment at the right cost.

    Hospital Inventory Management

    Hospaccx helps you to manage you hospital inventory effectively and efficiently, which helps your organisation maintain inventory as good as zero inventory.

    Hospital Information system Consulting ( Hardware & Software)

    Digitalization of any healthcare organisation is important, similarly going for paperless and Hospaccx helps you with the same.