Hospital Planning and design is a meticulous exercise; it involves planning for various departments, units, facilities like medical shop, parking, canteen, labs, etc. which require detailed drawings. Hospaccx Hospital Consultancy provides planning, designing & implementation of all services such as:

  •  Structural designs and plans
  • Civil construction
  • Electrical plan with general layouts of fixtures, telephone, and electrical outlets
  • Reflected ceiling/electrical plan including lighting layouts
  • Plumbing, HVAC & EPABX Layouts
  • Door & window schedules
  • Firefighting and disaster management
  • Support services
  • Interior designing
  • Furniture layouts
  • CCTV layouts
  • Medical Gas pipeline layouts
  • Networking/IT- communication and other engineering systems
  • Staff recruitment

We also offer planning & designing services for:
• New project
• Renovations
• Extensions
• Rehabilitation
Equipped with experts and facility planners who have the skill to foresee the total plan till its final form, we ensure that we match all the quality standards and that in no way the patient safety goes for a toss. We also offer specialized services like reviewing the existing plans designed by the current team of local architects. We do this so that if there are any changes in the early stages, the same can be incorporated and the final layout can be improved significantly. We offer plans which are cost-effective and future-oriented with the core objective of delivering a fully equipped facility, within budget and ergonomically designed for all specific medical activities.


Hospaccx Healthcare Planning and Design Services include:

•  Master Planning and Campus Design

Hospital Building differs from other building types in the complexity of functional relationships that must exist between the various parts of the hospital. HHBC helps their clients with unique concepts of Hospital Planning and Designing considering the present requirement and plan for the future expansion in mind.

•  Healthcare Design services

Hospaccx helps you to evaluate, informational concepts, to improve operational effectiveness, facility planning as well as building construction.

•  Medical Planning

A keen awareness of costs and changing environments permits us to focus on maximum energy conservation. This will happen without compromising on functionality while keeping in perspective the client’s requirement.

•  Hospital Drawing Review

At Hospaccx Hospital Consultancy, our team of talented healthcare architects and experienced clinical planners, biomedical engineers, hospital consultant understand not only the minute aspects that go into designing a healthcare facility but also have the keen eye to critically analyze existing designs for augmenting design efficiency.

•  Re-Modelling/ Renovation/Expansion/Extension of Hospitals

We provide a review of the existing plans prepared by local architects. Once our team has reviewed construction plans in the early stages, it is possible to improve the final layout significantly – often with an associated cost saving.