Building a hospital is easy but managing the same is difficult. In this competitive healthcare scenario, the success of the massive investment that the client makes to conceive a project lies in profitably running the healthcare venture and managing its various healthcare operation and marketing services successfully.

The team at Hospaccx Healthcare Consultancy assist the hospital management team in developing quality healthcare management standards and implement them to run the project successfully. We help our clients in accreditation of their hospital under NABH, NABL or JCI, etc. Training of healthcare man force and their systematic induction in the organization makes the hospital functioning successfully.

Hospaccx healthcare consulting team undertakes the smooth functioning of the various hospital departments under this area of hospital management. We write and execute policies and protocols and SOPs to ensure that the skill sets for clinical and management areas are maintained to achieve complete patient care. Hospital Marketing is now reasonably well established as a legitimate healthcare function. We contribute in new hospital market planning, market research, and marketing communications to help you achieve planned strategic objectives

Hospaccx Healthcare operations and marketing services include the following services:

• Day to Operations of hospitals
Management of hospital from the date of start and handing over to the operations team of the hospital.
• Marketing Strategy Formulation and Implementation
Implementing new Marketing strategies in addition to that Hosapccx will do Business Development Promotion and marketing related activity for the hospital. During the above service deliver the major focus points are as follows:
a. Competitor Analysis
b. Packing and repacking of hospital services (tariff redesign)
c. Business model planning
d. Identification of business centers
• Accreditation for Hospital (like NABH,JCI,NABL)
Hospaccx helps you in getting accreditation if the hospital is already accredited then we assist you in regular training and development of your staff.
• TPA and PSU management
Hospaccx helps you in tie-up TPA and the Management of TPA & corporate management tie up for the hospital.
• Human Resource Management for hospital
“It’s not the machine it’s the man behind that machine is important”
At Hospaccx we help you in identify the Training need and training of staff on administration/operations issues, training of clinicians on life support systems and other procedures. Under this service the primary service is as follows:
a. Manpower planning and recruitments
b. Compensation system analysis and formulation
c. Performance appraisal system
d. Training and development
• Revenue Management Cycle for hospital
In present scenario where 70 %of the hospital billing is credit billing cash flow management plays a vital role. We at Hospaccx help you in complete revenue management cycle for your hospital by converting the cost centers into the profit centers. Additionally, by profit maximization of individual departments.