Controlled Circulation In Hospital

Controlled Circulation in Hospital

A hospital is a complex system of interrelated functions requiring constant movement of people and goods. Much of this circulation should be controlled.

  • Outpatients visiting diagnostic and treatment areas should not travel through inpatient functional areas nor encounter severely ill inpatients.
  • Typical outpatient routes should be simple and clearly defined.
  • Visitors should have a simple and direct route to each patient nursing unit without penetrating other functional areas.
  • Separate patients and visitors from industrial/logistical areas or floors.
  • Outflow of trash, recyclables, and soiled materials should be separated from movement of food and clean supplies, and both should be separated from routes of patients and visitors.

Transfer of cadavers to and from the morgue should be out of the sight of patients and visitors.

  • Dedicated service elevators for deliveries, food and building maintenance services.
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