Hospital Design Review :


As all know Hospitals are massive edifices which are built to last. They have to be built in such a manner that is viable both in the current and in the future. A drawing review is a major activity that needs to be performed religiously. It helps to maneuver the hospital planning and make amendments which are necessary.

At Hospaccx hospital consultancy,  we have the team of, healthcare architects, facility planner, NABH Assessors, and experienced clinical planners, to understand what goes into the designing and drawing review of a hospital. They are expert in critically examining various hospital drawing reviews and give suggestions in order to improve design efficiency. Moreover, Hospaccx has done more than 30 plus hospital drawing reviews. We leave no stone upturned to make certain that all drawing reviews are as per design standards, and meet the benchmarks.

So, when we are planning to build a hospital, its drawings are up to the mark, to avoid any future chaos and difficulties. With the help of good hospital consultancy, you can go for a perfect drawing of your dream hospital project.


Hospital Drawing Review Process follows various aspects like:


While going for hospital drawings as well as for reviewing of already existing drawings, Hospaccx team follows below-mentioned norms very strictly to avoid any future chaos.

“Perfect hospital drawing is the beginning of a perfect hospital and a perfect hospital is sustainable for a longer period.”

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