Healthcare is a complex system and designing a healthcare or hospital infrastructure is more complex. To overcome the unique and complex challenges, hospaccx Turnkey Design Service handles all the activities, end-to-end, involved in from concept to commissioning of healthcare infrastructure. Through a focused approach to hospital planning and designing, this approach takes the onus of coordinating all building design services like architecture, structural design, hospital electrical design, HVAC design, plumbing, firefighting, interior design, and any landscape elements.

The core benefit of a healthcare design service is you can offer a patient-centric healthcare infrastructure within the available resources. It requires high-level planning and a keen attention to detail to execute different healthcare services. While designing various healthcare services, the following parameters have to be kept in mind:

  1. The overall vision of the promoter and his budget
  2. Feasibility of healthcare service in a particular location
  3. The socio-economic structure of the areas surrounding the hospital
  4. Existence of similar healthcare service in the location
  5. Current medical practice
  6. Licenses and legal approvals

Healthcare design service includes various services like

  • Healthcare Architecture Design services
  • MEP Design
  • Landscape Design services
  • Structural  Design services
  • Interior Design services

Team hospaccx is backed by a team of Doctors who have rich experience in hospital planning and design, Architects with experience in healthcare architecture, Site Engineers, Project Managers to monitor hospital project, Construction Managers to supervise whole construction process and  Bio-Medical Engineers with expertise in medical technology planning. who support our prestigious client to fulfill their dream healthcare project and support clients to build a benchmark for a healthcare facility in hospital planning, design, management in the region. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals makes sure we plan as per various local and international norms, hospital and healthcare accreditations, future-ready and eco-friendly design.


Each health care service has to be planned with a different approach and each requires a different set of skills, both functional and manpower. When we design any of the health care services, we ensure that all the protocols and service quality standards have strictly adhered and that we obtain all mandatory regulatory approvals and licenses well in advance.

We focus on great new-age designs and follow a well-coordinated approach to plunge all our expertise available within the consulting arms to a single point of convergence. This helps us to rationally oversee the entire process, from the initiation of the project to its culmination.

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