Hospital designing is complex, and with the emerging trends in the healthcare industry, there is a growing need for healthcare consultancy that offers turnkey architecture design. Seeking professional guidance from experts is the need of the hour.

Healthcare consultancy knows what needs to be done, when and most importantly, how. A turn-key hospital design involves diverse types of inter-related tasks right from the initial foundation. Once you give the responsibility of your hospital establishment to a healthcare consultancy, you will experience complete peace of mind.

Why Hospaccx:

While most healthcare consultancy has tried to offer all things to all people, we always focus on our core areas. Our prime focus is always on offering turnkey architecture design, and an end-to-end solution that takes care of each and every integral part of hospital planning.

Our design according to international benchmarks and contemporary design parameters. Furthermore, We start with making a healthcare drawing review based on major factors like a number of departments, patient flow, adequateness as to the location, city, and various others. We offer turnkey solutions that are optimized, viable and future-ready too.

Our turnkey solutions include:

  • Architecture Design:

Our architecture design team includes architects, interior designers, facility experts and most importantly, doctors, whose core domain is into clinical specialization. They give their valuable inputs in hospital design and planning. In addition to this, our architecture design is always up to the marks.

  • MEP Design:

It refers to the Mechanical, electrical and plumbing aspects of designing a hospital. Hospaccx delivers the best MEP design facility. Moreover, we take care of all the aspects of hospital lighting and plumbing requirement. Importantly We use the best material and equipment to facilitate the same.

  • Landscape Design:

The hospital is not only a stand-alone building, instead, it also comprises a number of other units like the main entrance, parking, OPD, reception, garden, canteen etc. When we plan any hospital we focus on all these aspects and consider them as crucial too.

  • Structure Design:

Hospital Designing is a tedious task, but with Hospaccx it is no more as tedious as it used to be. We design complete structure in tandem with facility and design experts and architects who are quite familiar with hospital structure.

Consequently, the Interior plays a vital role in hospital master planning. It is something that adds an aesthetic appeal to the hospital and provides a beautiful look. An immaculately done interior speaks volume about promoter’s vision and sense of design. We have executed hundreds of interior projects and are quite proficient in designing the interior of a hospital.

A hospital should be easy to navigate. Even for a first-time visitor, it becomes easy to understand how to reach a particular department. Hence, way-finding and signage have its own importance which cannot be denied. So with years of experience in the same facility, we understand how to execute a Wayfinding and signage facility in hospitals and offer a state-of-the-art solution for the same finally.

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