The primary objective of any inventory planning is to ensure that the funds do not get stuck in unyielding activities like the wrong inventory, unnecessary costs, and operation issue or logistics, etc. Inventory planning is the fundamental base of any hospital planning; it gives you a clear picture of what is required and more importantly what is not required. When done methodically, it is a tremendous cost-saving exercise and helps in the optimal utilization of funds.

Why :

We believe that inventory planning is a systematic procedure and hence we classify it into three categories and execute it in the same manner.

  • Audit : By audit, it merely means an internal and external review of the entire facility, each unit, department, staff, etc. We conduct a thorough inspection and make reports.
  • Assessment : With the reports, we assess the blocked funds and examine which facility is not yielding as much as it should. It gives us a bird-eye view of the entire hospital and helps us execute our future strategy, better.
  • Analysis : After the assessment, we analyze where the improvements are required and which department we can close due to lack of lesser patient-flow. We suggest measures that should be taken to release funds blocked in additional activities and also help improve systems and processes from the grassroots level. We uncover error and give recommendations that are designed to optimize savings without sacrificing quality or efficacy.

What we do:

We work closely with your Hospital staff and understand all the back-end and front-end activities going on in the hospital. We will develop improvements that can:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase inventory turns and inventory improvement
  • Improve customer service and maintaining the right balance between high quality at low cost
  • Performance improvement

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