It is essential for a healthcare consultancy to offer hospital renovation or expansion services. With the growth of giant players and more professional approach to hospital renovation or expansion of the existing hospital has become equally important. While the old and the long-established hospitals are known for their quality healthcare services and brand loyalty, but, it is still the need of the hour to expand or renovate to meet the new benchmarks.

There are many reasons why a hospital wants to expand/renovate/re-model:

  • Most importantly A clear demand from a patient for a new department or more facility, like diagnostic lab or physiotherapy center
  • In addition to this An increase in patient flow which cannot be managed by the current establishment
  • Already an expansion plan in place during the inception of the hospital
  • furthermore, Investment purpose and availability of funds
  • Competition and the opening of new clinics in the same location
  • Capacity or vacant space utilization/Undersized facility

Hospaccx healthcare consultancy is a trusted name that offers superior hospital expansion and renovation services. We understand the underlying need of the hospital, the reason for expansion or re-model and provide customized suggestions.

What we do:

Our healthcare consultants, design experts, and facility planners follow a planned approach and analyze the current status of the hospital regarding design, facilities, services, departments, safety and hygiene parameters. After the critical evaluation of the current status, a blueprint of the planned expansion, renovation or remodel is shared with the management to get their inputs and approval.

After the approval, a complete conceptual design, master plan, fund, and human resources requirement is shared to keep the management abreast of the future demands.

Finally, the plan is executed, and we share the recommendations with the client.

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