Internal and external audits of a health care system are designed to safeguard it from any risk and to make it more sustainable and viable for the future. A review gives a clear picture of the current operations, where the system is lacking and what improvements can be incorporated to make the unit financially sustainable and patient-friendly. An audit is merely an on-site verification activity, such as inspection or examination, of all the processes and quality systems running in a hospital to ensure compliance with requirements. An audit can be specific to a particular department or function of a hospital, methods or systems.

An audit is usually classified as internal or external, depending on the interrelationships among various departments and the size of the hospital, whether it is a single specialty, multi-specialty or super-specialty. Internal audits are performed by employees of the hospital while an outside agent carries external audits. Internal audits are also referred to as first-party audits, while external audits can be either second-party or third-party.

Why :

Based on the purpose of audit, compliance, conformance or performance, we offer specialized services throughout the audit process. Our team of auditors possesses the experience and expertise to carry both internal and external audits with accuracy. Internal auditors will examine issues related to your healthcare business practices and risks, while external auditors review the financial records and give their opinion regarding the financial statements of your healthcare organization. Internal audits are conducted throughout the year, while external auditors perform a single annual audit.

Hospaccx will help you conduct both internal and external audits, from audit preparation to audit performance, reporting and follow-up and closure. We offer professional assistance and take care of all audit functions and guide hospitals in hassle-free audits.

What we do:

We design an audit mechanism, both internal and external and share it with the key team members of the hospital to prepare them for the audit. SOPs are prepared to bring everyone involved in the audit on the same page. We check all the systems, documents, billing, invoices, labs etc. and observe if there is some deviation from the set standards. If we find any variation, we recommend the solution to the hospital authorities and help them implement the same. We also perform a follow-up audit to ensure that the recommendations given during audit are followed diligently. If we find a gap, we again recommend and take necessary actions to help hospital authorities comply.

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