Besides, remodeling and expansion, what is the other way to expand a hospital?

The answer to this question is Mergers and Acquisition.

A merger and acquisition are one of the best options when the hospital owner and management feel that there is a need to expand the current operation. Mergers are for two reasons, first is to utilize the extra funds or capacity so that nothing goes underutilized. And the second is to increase revenue. Although, merging with an existing hospital is not an easy exercise. It involves a complete process change and a change in the team, facilities and sometimes geographies too. It can only be possible with a sound knowledge of the entire merging process, the legal norms, compliance and government regulations.

Similarly, acquiring an existing entity is also done by hospitals when they plan to expand. It requires funds and in-depth knowledge of all the legal and government regulations with business acumen to execute such an activity.

Why :

Just because we know what we need to do and how.

we know that once the hospital is on a growth trajectory, the management feels that it is the time to expand and seek professional advice to carry on expansion. We consider this as an opportunity to assist our clients in carrying out a smooth merger or acquisition activity. Our team of legal advisers, facility planners, technicians, health consultants help the hospitals in this stage of transition. We also offer relevant promotion and branding activity and monitor how a piece of news is presented in the market. There are specific teething troubles that emerge just after a merger or acquisition. We do a complete hand-holding of our clients and make it easy for them to familiarize with the new set-up. We redesign the entire growth strategy and conduct a pre and post- merger audit to check for any lacuna or gaps. With , you can be confident that your merger or acquisition will be a hassle-free process and you will be able to materialize your expansion plan smoothly.

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