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Building a hospital is easy but managing the same is difficult. In this competitive healthcare scenario, the success of the massive investment that the client makes to conceive a project lies in profitably running the healthcare venture. The team at Hospaccx Healthcare Consultancy assist the hospital management team in developing quality healthcare management standards and implement them to run the project successfully. We help our clients in accreditation of their hospital under NABH, NABL or JCI, etc. Training of healthcare man force and their systematic induction in the organization makes the hospital functioning successfully.

Hospaccx healthcare consulting team undertakes the smooth functioning of the various hospital departments under this area of hospital management. We write and execute policies and protocols and SOPs to ensure that the skill sets for clinical and managerial areas are maintained to achieve complete patient care. Hospital Marketing is now reasonably well established as a legitimate healthcare function. We contribute in new hospital market planning, market research, and marketing communications to help you achieve planned strategic objectives.

We manage hospitals for our partners, Hospaccx role as a hospital operator is guided by its commitment to:

  • Manage Day to day Operational activity of the hospital – Operational, financial, Human Resource and branding and marketing activity.
  • Ensure that the skill-sets of key clinical and managerial team members are among the best
  • Achieve and maintain accreditation status and international standards
  • Develop a sustainable competitive advantage for the hospital to ensure high levels of quality, customer service and competitiveness As a part of the hospital operations management / hospital operator role, Apollo deputes a senior management team to manage the day to day affairs of the Hospital in line with international best practices which strives to establish the hospital as a leader in the region with the best patient care and a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • All managed hospitals become part of the Hospaccx network and benefit through a host of initiatives which include central marketing and purchasing programs.

    Operation And Management of a Hospital include:

    Day to day functioning of the hospital, from inventory management to equipment maintenance, staff management, and management of all other facilities.

    Operation of all medical and non-medical functions based activities which are essential for hospitals to run it successfully.

    Why Hospaccx:

    Hospaccx believes in lean operation and management, and hence we guide our clients in adopting same and trim down unnecessary processes. We do this without compromising the quality of treatments. The reduction in cost gives us extra liquidity to invest in other crucial activities of the organization. We have been managing successful operations of many hospitals across India.

    At Hospaccx we have a team of operation experts, who know how to execute various plans.

    What we do:

    We understand that operation and management in a hospital is a crucial factor, which influences the future of business, considerably. Hence, we follow an all-encompassing approach and imbibe proven operation techniques in all activities of the hospital. So, we deduce a specific organizational strategic plan and assist in implementing the same systematically.

    Moreover, We add value to the services offered by the hospital, by taking into consideration all the stakeholders. Finally, we upgrade the quality of service in line with the changes that take place in the medical field.


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