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We Believe to Create SNUG AURA

1. Reduce Length of stay
2. Improved sleep Patterns
3. Integrated Family Area
4. Curative Natural Light
5. Reduced Noise Stress
6. Uplifting views of Nature
7. Increased Patient Satisfaction

We Ponder Altogether

1. Higher Staff Satisfaction
2. Enhanced Staff Effectiveness
3. Standardized Room-Process
4. Decreased Cost and Waste
5. Diminished Hunting-Gathering
6. Increased Nurse-Patient Time
7. Improved Care Delivery

We Believe on Strongholds

1. Decreased Errors
2. Reduced Hazards
3. Facilitated Hand Washing
4. Reduced Nosocomial Infection
5. Prevention of Falls
6. Increased Patient Visibility
7. Supportive Ergonomic Design

We Design with proper Flux

1. Proper flow of Supplies
2. Proper flow of Patients
3. Proper flow of families
4. Proper flow of Information
5. Proper Flow of Equipment
6. Proper flow of Providers and staff
7. Proper flow of Medications


1. Improved information flow
2. Simplified Future implementation
3. Improved Communication
4. Special system Integration
5. Alleviate Complexity
6. Future-Flexible Infrastructure
7. Efficiency through technology

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