“Ideas don’t make you rich. The correct execution of ideas does.” Felix Dennis

Hospital is an always among one of the most complex designs in architecture. No matter what if you have design one of the best healthcare design but the execution doesn’t happen on time then everything is waste.

Hospaccx always stir to deliver our clients dream to reality. The most challenging part of constructing a healthcare facility is to amalgamate the aspirations and efforts of the various parties involved. Hospital project management constancy is backed by experts at facilitating the coordination of promoters, architects, contractors, doctors, equipment vendors and consulting agencies into one congruous unit to avoid potential time lags and errors.

We employ the latest technological power of state-of-the-art design software, project management techniques and communication tools. This ensures that the building is built in with estimated cost and time frame without compromising on the set standards.

Our services under Healthcare Project  management consulting are as follows :

  • Firstly, Project Coordination
  • Secondly, Validation with PERT/CPM
  • Next to this is Construction Process Management
  • Furthermore, Project Handover
  • Moreover Tender Processing
  • Importantly Project Documentation
  • Finally, Bill Certification

Ensuring successful project delivery

Hospaccx always believes in efficient communication with owners, end-users, authorities, designers, entrepreneurs, and developers. With extensive experience working with all stakeholders in a project and by combining the in-depth knowledge, we can ensure that the project is successful not only to the client but also the end-user and other stakeholders.

Our approach is to clearly understand the client’s needs and define the project goals together at an early stage. This enables us to work efficiently throughout the project whilst giving the client confidence that the project will be a success.

Health & Safety

At Hospaccx hospital consultancy we take Health & Safety seriously. It’s all about being proactive and stopping an accident before it happens.

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