Vastu Considerations in Hospital Planning and Designing

Vastu Considerations in Hospital Planning & Designing

At the outset, while writing on vastu significance and its implications for hospitals, I was a bit hesitant as to how to co-relate these two different ideas. A hospital is place no less than a shrine where all concerned have a prayer on their lips and wish that prayers be answered quickly. Vastu in this regard plays a catalytic role as it channelises, organises and utilises-positive energy and minimises negative energy of all concerned namely medical staff and patients.

Apart from this, when stakes are high in hospital sector, vastushastra can be applied in hospital location and construction. Vastu works on positive and negative energy. If a hospital has higher positive energy, patient recovery would be faster and ALOS of the patient would be reduced resulting in increased bed turn-over ratio of the hospital.


Vastushastra revolves around five elements. These five elements are:

Earth: Geomagnetic energy.

Water: Gravitational energy

Fire: Solar energy

Air: Wind energy

Space: Cosmic radiation.

These forces have a powerful influence on us and the environment.

Vastushastra deals with arranging our man-made environments so that we are in alignment with these forces of nature. If we are not aligned with solar and geomagnetic forces, it may lead to imbalance among the natural forces. As a result, we may experience illness, misfortune and struggle.

The East is the source of Solar, Ultra-violet rays, and the North is the source of magnetic energy. We benefit by keeping our environment open to these life supporting energies. The harmful infrared rays coming from the south, and the destructive gamma rays, coming from the west, cause disruption within the environment and our bodies. Using the principles of Vastushastra, we protect ourselves from these rays.

Each of these elements is associated with a particular direction- water in the North-East, fire in the South-East, earth in the South-West, air in the North-West, and space in the Centre. By balancing these elements in their proper proportions, we could minimise the number of risk factors and Levels.

Application of  Vastu:

Vastu for hospitals may ensure quick recovery of patients, conducting successful operations etc. Vastu advice for hospitals is based on the study of different factors like the proper location of hospital, hospital exteriors, location of operation theaters, emergency ward, placement of beds for the patient etc. The hospital planning begins with locating a proper site. The basic considerations, of course, would be to select the site near main roads. This way, the accessibility to the hospital would be good. North-east sites are ideal for hospitals. But, if corner sites are not available east and north-facing sites are recommended. Many a times, these sites are not available and one may be forced to go for a west or south facing site. A West-facing site may be preferred to South-facing one. However, in case even if a South-facing site is not available, Vastu can still be applied judiciously to get the sites the needed balance. A site that has all sides equal (square) would be ideal. In a square, all the primary elements of nature — udaka (water) , gagana (space), pavana (air), dahana (fire) and prithvi (earth) are well balanced. If a rectangular site is selected, the length should not be more than twice the Breadth.

Importance of Sleeping Positions:

The patient’s cots can be placed such that their heads are to the South. This way, the magnetic energies coming from the various sides and the polarity induced in the body, vibe with each other to maintain a balanced blood circulation in the body, thereby strengthening the healing and curative properties of the body.

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